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Since 1976, thanks to its founders Stefano Anzi and Giuliano Besson, the brand expresses itself by following the values of the mythic ‘Valanga Azzura’, of which they were the two prominent downhillers. Inspiration and determination have guided the two former champions towards the growth of a brand capable of ‘dressing’ the performances of the moment.


At the beginning of the 50s Augusto Besson, after having obtained prestigious results at a national level, is one of the first ski instructors at Sauze D’Oulx who believes in the great adventure of winter tourism to the extent that he opens, with his wife Benedetta the first historical sports shop, nowadays still present in Assietta square,  and run by his brother Carlo Besson and his son Edoardo. His son, Giuliano Besson, together with Stefano Anzi, founders of the company AnziBesson, Giuliano Besson and Stefano Anzi, founders of AnziBesson, are two Italian ski stars part of that mythical group of champions known as the ‘Valanga Azzurra’ alive between 1972 and 1976. Their field was the downhill and together they conquered the most prestigious ski podium in the world cup at Kitzbuhel in 1974 finishing second to the hundredth of a second.


AnziBesson was founded in 1976 by the two friends and champions Giuliano Besson and Stefano Anzi, part of the legendary ‘Valanga Azzurra’ and of the Italian ski history for having conquered and shared the second position to the hundredth of a second at the mythical Streif of Kitzbuhel.

1980 – 1990.

The clothing line brings back to life the myth of that glorious and victorious period, ensuring itself a place in the international market from the very beginning for its intuitions and innovations on materials and technologies, result of extreme tests, first and foremost the wind tunnel in collaboration with Pininfarina. The first collections “Discesa Libera”, colored and printed, give a signature to the design, twisting the traditional standards in vogue at the time. Very soon, the company becomes a reference point in the sports clothing sector, both nationally and internationally.

2000 – 2010.

Thanks to the experience of Giuliano and Stefano, in the years 2000 AnziBesson sponsors great national teams such as Austria, France, Russia and Bulgaria. The winter Olympic Games held in Turin in 2006, see AnziBesson on the ‘Olympic podiums’ with the great stars of the time. The brand excels with the Austrians, lead by Herman Maier and Benjamin Raich and with the French, by merits of the downhill Olympic champion Antoine Dénériaz.


AnziBesson is constantly innovating always offering high quality and performance products, enough to be synonym of success: it embraces different target customers, including the competitive sector with technical products for the French, Austrian and Russian national teams.

“We transfer the technology that we continuously develop since we competed in ski races to our daily-use products, allowing everyone to use them in their every-day lives.”